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How to use a Western Digital MyBook on Windows 2003 Server

How to use a Western Digital “My Book” drive (Home Edition, but I don’t think that matters) in Windows 2003 Server:

  1. Follow instructions for normal connection using USB, then:
  2. Start -> My Computer -> (right-click) Manage Open Storage -> Disk Management  External drive will appear in list of partitions, but it will be inactive and will not have a drive letter assigned.
  3. Right-click on the partition, select Mark Partition as Active
  4. Right-click on the partition again,
  5. select Change Drive Letter and Paths,
  6. click Add.  Assign a drive letter.
  7. The drive should now be accessible.

This procedure should only be necessary the first time the drive is plugged in.

SAP PI 7.1 & Windows 2008

So I’m at the office today installing a very large updated package of SAP’s Process Integration platform, and while SAP has officially announced support for Windows 2008, there’s a couple things that one should know before taking the plunge.

  • You want a good amount of memory, period – I can’t stress this enough.  Being that 2008 server is only 64bit, there’s no excuse for deploying a box with anything less than 6GB of RAM.
  • Disable IPv6 support –  This one is a little more self explanatory.  SAP does not yet support IPv6, and your install will choke when installing the instance basics.  Another thing to do is to remember to update your hosts file to reflect the IP address of the server instead of the localhost
  • Time – This install is probably one of the most time intensive SAP installs I’ve done to date, ensure that you have an adequate amount of time to troubleshoot anything that happens.
  • Password strength – If you’re installing any SAP environment into a Windows 2008 domain, please ensure that you remember that 2K8 has greater password requirements than 2K3 did.  So ensure you have a strong password (letters, numbers, and special chars).

As of now that’s what I’ve come across, you can go ahead and post any questions you may have and I’ll be happy to answer them.

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