So you’re obviously here to learn a little more about me right?

This is my personal place to publish thoughts, ideas, and projects that I manage to come up with.  In addition you’ll probably find quite a few enterprise IT topics discussed within the various different posts.

I’ve been a VMware Certified Professional for nearly 5 years, and have worked in the IT industry for nearly 15 years with a primary focus on Tier 1 Application Virtualization Architectures.  I’m currently a Solutions Architect for a Richmond, VA based company. Previously I was the lead virtualization architect for an Williamsburv, VA based SAP Solutions Integrator, and have given numerous speeches and technical briefs of the benefits of virtualizing SAP solutions.

For a number of years I was also a co-host of the internet television show Hak5 with a focus on enterprise IT topics.  I currently am the co-founder of a series of different websites focusing on community technology projects called “The New Tech

Being from Cleveland, OH I’m a die hard Cleveland Browns fan, but at the same time thanks to my cousins I was somehow raised as a Michigan Wolverines fan.

Feel free to contact me with questions regarding enterprise IT or any virtualization questions.