So you’re obviously here to learn a little more about me right?

This is my personal place to publish thoughts, ideas, and projects that I manage to come up with.  In addition you’ll probably find quite a few enterprise IT topics discussed within the various different posts.

I’ve been a VMware focused Solution Architect for nearly 10 years, and have worked in the IT industry for nearly 15 years with a primary focus on Tier 1 infrastructure Virtualization.  I’m currently a Sr. Solutions Architect for a Richmond, VA based company. Previously I was the lead virtualization architect for an Williamsburg, VA based SAP Solutions Integrator, and have given numerous talks and technical briefs of the benefits of virtualizing SAP solutions.

Being from Cleveland, OH I’m a die hard Cleveland Browns fan, but at the same time thanks to my cousins I was somehow raised as a Michigan Wolverines fan.

Feel free to contact me with questions regarding enterprise IT or any virtualization questions.