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How To Record iHeartRadio & Elliot In The Morning

UPDATE : There’s now a site with a podcast feed and the ability to download all episodes that have been archived at


I have a confession to make, I can’t remember the last time I listened to terrestrial radio. I’ve had satellite radio in my vehicles ever since Opie & Anthony joined XM, and have never had to listen to commercial in my car in nearly a decade.

My girlfriend however loves the morning radio show Elliot in the Morning out of Washington, DC.  iHeartRadio used to be her saving grace as she would catch up on the previous day’s show throughout her work day.  But earlier this summer iHeartRadio decided they weren’t going to broadcast Elliot’s replays throughout the day and decided to only play his show live. So in my ongoing quest to keep my girlfriend happy I started to look for options on how to download the daily episodes of Elliot.


I stumbled upon the website and thought that this was going to be much easier than I had anticipated.  Basically DAR has a collection of shows that you can search for, and records them for you allowing you to listen to them online, or download them to a moblie device of your choice for offline listening.  The only problem is the mobile applications suck a bag of dicks.  They constantly get stuck trying to download portions of a show (of which there are twenty 15 minute parts), entire shows don’t show up in the mobile app, or it just freezes completely.  So with all of the headaches of using a service I had no control over, it was time to engineer something that I could manage myself and verify that episodes were being downloaded.

Head on past the break to figure out what I ultimately came up with.

First I needed to try and see if I could track down iHeartRadio’s stream URL’s… Luckally someone has already done the hard work for us. has a list of most of the iHeartRadio streaming URL’s.  I searched for the call letters of Elliot’s primary station WWDC and came away with a few results.  In order to verify I had the right ones I opened up VLC and simply entered them into the network stream section and saw if they played.  Sure enough using the HTTP url in VLC plays the live stream of DC101 which is exactly what we wanted.

Next I decided to use VLC to take the live stream, start it at a specified time with Windows Scheduled Tasks, transcode it to MP3 @ 128kbps mono, save the file directly to a shared dropbox folder, and stop after 5 hours to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

If you’re here for the code, I won’t keep you any longer…

If you paste that into a batch file (eitm.bat), have VLC installed to it’s default location, have dropbox installed, and run the batch file, it will automatically start recording the DC101 live stream for 5 hours and save it to c:\EITM_YEAR-MONTH-DAY.mp3

So for those of you who are a little more technical and want to know exactly what’s going on here, let’s decipher the code shall we?

This is the bit that starts VLC.

Here’s the DC101 stream we’re going to be recording.

Now we’re setting the output options for VLC’s transcoder.  We’ve selected MP3 at 32kbps MONO at a samplerate of 48000kHz

In this section we’re telling VLC to save to a file with the MP3 codec to c:\users\matt\dropbox\eitm with a dynamic filename of EITM_YEAR-MONTH-DATE.mp3

This will run VLC recording the stream for 5 hours and then quit.

Now all you need to do is create a new Scheduled Task for Monday through Friday and point the action to the newly created batch file.

So there you have it… this is how I managed to get a reliable download for my girlfriend so she can catch up on her favorite radio show whenever she likes.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a comment.


  1. You didn’t by any chance get today’s (12/9/13) Show recorded do you? They made a major announcement about show move today and that was in the hour I wasn’t listening. Thanks.

  2. Thanks…that’s awesome.

  3. Nice post Matt, I was having issues with getting your vlc output options to record properly so I took the liberty of revising your code with a batch file specifically in
    1. Creating a Directory for the .mp3 show recordings
    2. The use of ‘single quotes’ when usin dst= for the destination.
    Happy Holidays..DP 😉

    @echo off&color a
    if not exist “%SystemDrive%\EITM” md “%SystemDrive%\EITM”

    “%programfiles%\videolan\vlc\vlc.exe” “” –sout=”#transcode{acodec=mp3,ab=32,channels=1,samplerate=48000}:std{access=file,mux=raw,dst=’%SystemDrive%\EITM\EITM_%date:~10,4%-%date:~4,2%-%date:~7,2%.mp3′}” –run-time=18000 vlc://quit

  4. Sir, i just signed up to tell you how much a genious you are.


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