Just got an email this morning regarding the immediate availability of PS Series firmware v 5.0.5.

It’s recommended for installation ASAP, so plan accordingly, especially if you’re using replicated volumes!

Issues Corrected in This Version
Changelog & Issues corrected in this version are described below:

• In rare cases, a failing drive in a array may not be correctly marked as failed. When this occurs, the system is unable to complete other I/O operations on group volumes until the drive is removed. This error affects PS3000, PS4000, PS5000X, PS5000XV, PS5500, PS6000, PS6010, PS6500, and PS6510 arrays running Version 5.0 of the PS Series Firmware.
• A resource used by an internal process during the creation of new volumes may be exhausted, causing the process to restart.
• If an array at the primary site in a volume replication relationship is restarted while the replication of the volume is paused, resuming replication could cause an internal process to restart at the secondary site.
• A resource used by the network management process could be exhausted causing slow GUI response.
• Volume login requests in clustered host environments could timeout resulting in the inability of some hosts to connect to the shared volume.
• A management process could restart while attempting to delete a local replica snapshot of a volume, resulting in slow array response at the primary site for that volume.
• When a management process is restarted, or a member array is restarted, a volume that is administratively offline could be brought online.
• If a member of the secondary site restarts while a volume replication is active, the group at the primary site could continue to report that the secondary site group is offline after the secondary site member is back online.