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3CX Phone Wrapup and Q&A

Hey everyone,

Just a little post regarding the most recent episode of Hak5.
I went into showing users how easy it really is to setup a VOIP provider so that you can easily make and receive phone calls to and from external numbers.

I chose to use Teliax, which in my opinion is a great option if you’re looking for a provider as they have some really attractive pricing especially the pay as you go plan.
The nice thing about that plan is you can have 10 simultaneous calls going, and so long as your 3CX license provides, there’s no extra setup.  It will just deduct you based on how many minutes each of the callers is using.

There have also been a couple of questions that have popped up both here on my blog and in email.  Check out those after the break.

Q: Does the Linksys SPA962 support BLF functions.
A: Yes, with the more recent firmware revisions available from Cisco you can use BLF, Speed Dial, and Call Pickup on the SPA’s soft-line buttons.

Q: I’ve heard reports of echo problems with the SPA series speakerphones.
A: It is true that the speakerphone part of the SPA is not the highlight of the phone, there is a little feedback that can happen every now and then.  The simple solution to this issue is to request that offending parties turn down their speaker volume, or neglect to use it entirely.

Q: How does the conference  calling work on 3CX?
A: Exceptionally well.  If you have enough concurrent call channels available from your provider, as we do here in my office, it makes a great conference bridge solution because most of our consultants have either desktop phones at their homes, or the free 3CX softphone application which allows them to make direct SIP calls to our office and therefore not tie up an external line.

Q: How is the Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging integration?
A: It’s pretty nice.  This was one of the selling points on using this solution over that of an Asterisk based one.  The ability to have native call directories, as well as listening to email over the phone is a nifty feature.  The speech engine inside of Exchange is really pretty powerful and even on some of our consultants crazy hard to spell names, it gets them 95 percent correct on pronunciation.

Well I think that’s it for this chapter.
Please let me know if you guys have any more questions as I’m happy to answer.


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  1. Matt –
    Following your excellent coverage on 3cx, would you mind commenting on this setup for personal home use? I am considering this in place of our current land-line provider. Benefits I see include cutting the current local/long distance phone service for a solution that seems it would offer better features including multiple simultaneous calls, adding extensions, Teliax pay as you go, etc for what I believe will be cheaper in the long run.

    Thank you,

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