Here’s a quick blurb on the Spiceworks segment which was in Hak5 episode 402.

Existing features include:

  • Help desk system
  • Run and edit your own reports on a huge variety of asset data
  • Ping, Traceroute, and run Remote Control against a computer
  • Compare workstation configurations with each other
  • Index and monitor Event Log entries and other stats
  • Fully integrated help & user-community based forums
  • Automatic discovery of Windows, Linux, Mac and SNMP based devices
  • Manual asset addition (not limited to network devices)
  • Inventory software license keys of many popular applications
  • Attach documents and custom notes/attributes to any asset
  • Determine your complete network inventory at a glance; view distribution of hardware vendors, servers, software installations and more

Some new features to whet your appetite:

  • Microsoft Exchange monitoring – keep track of your heavy mailbox hitters and Exchange services
  • LDAP integration – Allow your users to login with their Active Directory credentials while submitting a help desk ticket
  • Asset groups – organize your assets into logical containers
  • Service providers – Add important dates, phone numbers and other contact information pertaining to your service providers (contractors, ISPs, web-hosting, etc.)
  • Revamped user navigation interface
  • Share reports with other Spiceworks community members

Remember that Spiceworks works best on a corporate computer installation where you either have a Windows domain, or a master user / password installed on your boxes.

You can find more info at